Eminem Admits He Thinks About His Own Death

Eminem VIBE

In the magazine, Em talks about his own mortality, admitting he thinks about death — a lot.

“Yeah, I do. A lot. I think about it a lot. I try not to think about it, but I do and it creeps me the f*** out. It creeps me out because they say that if I got to the hospital two hours later then I would be gone. I think about that a lot. When I lay in bed at night is when I think about it the most. It creeps me out man,” he says.

‘8 Mile’ co-star Brittany Murphy’s passing was also on his mind during the interview. “It was crazy. It’s crazy. It’s crazy because at one point we were very close and she was a really good person. It’s crazy when you see things, not just with her, but just all these things that are happening in Hollywood.”

He thinks the culture of being a celebrity is part of the problem. “It’s one of those things man where you’re famous, doctors will kiss your a** because they love the celebrity. ‘Oh, I can call up Eminem and get him on the phone right now. Oh, hi Marshall, how are you doing? Do you need that [prescription]?’ There are doctors that will give you certain things just because of who you are.”


War between Eminem and Apple


Compania Apple a fost dată în judecată de către publisherul rapperului Eminem, compania Eight Mile Style, pe motivul că producătorul dispozitivelor iPhone şi iPod vinde ilegal piese ale artistului în magazinul său virtual iTunes.

Este vorba de 93 de melodii, pentru care Eight Mile spune că nu a acordat Apple permisiunea să le vândă. Printre acestea se numără “Lose Yourself”, un hit din filmul “8 Mile”, în care Eminem a jucat.