Donald Schmidt, child porn geezer, gets off to 3 million images of kids

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Wichita has been named the fourth holiest city in the country by Men’s Health. But how could such a religious land spawn Donald Schmidt, a 74-year-old collector of child pornography?

Schmidt was found to have boxes upon boxes of CDs and DVDs containing kiddieporn, according to the Wichita Eagle. All told, the geezer had more than three million images of young whippersnappers in compromising positions. But the charitable Christian in him prevailed, in a way.

Schmidt shared his substantial stash with others in need — of getting off to children — through a file sharing service. He also shared his thoughts about molesting children in an online chat room.

Schmidt was charged today in federal court and will be sentenced at the end of January, when he will face five to thirty years in prison.

By the way, Kansas City placed 19th in the holiest cities competition. Every time a gun shot rings out, an angel must get his wings!

Colectia unui “bunicut”: 3 mil. de fotografi pornografice cu minori

Donald Schmidt_opt.jpg

Un barbat de 74 de ani din statul american Kansas a colecĹŁionat peste 3 milioane de fotografii pornografice cu minori si a facut schimb de astfel de imagini pe internet, a anunĹŁat miercuri un procuror.
Donald Schmidt, din Wichita, Kansas, a pledat vinovat luni pentru posesie de imagini pornografice cu minori si pentru difuzarea unor astfel de fotografii pe internet.

Politia din Wichita a efectuat o perchezitie la locuinta suspectului, unde a gasit doua computere si mai multe cutii continand numeroase CD-uri si DVD-uri.

Schmidt a recunoscut ca, pe langa distribuire, a vorbit pe internet despre molestarea unor minori.

Americanul risca o condamnare de cinci pana la 20 de ani si o amenda de pana la 250.000 de dolari pentru distribuire si zece ani de inchisoare si o alta amenda in acelasi cuantum pentru posesie.