Facebook page launched in support of Israeli soldier who posed with Palestinian detainees

A new Facebook page appeared in support of the Israeli soldier who posted pictures of herself smiling in front of bound and blindfolded Palestinian prisoners.

Contributors to the new page- “We’re all with Eden Aberjil”- posted their own, similar images posing with Palestinian prisoners, together with messages of support for Ms Aberjil. One person even sent a photograph which appeared in Israeli newspapers of smiling policemen with a notorious serial rapist who was captured after escaping from prison.

The various messages of support described Ms Aberjil as an honest soldier who has become the victim of an army witch hunt after military authorities decided to strip her of her military rank and not call her up for reserve duty.

Meanwhile an Israeli group advocating an end to the occupation in the West Bank has also posted new pictures on Facebook of soldiers posing with Palestinian detainees to prove how widespread the phenomenon is.

Breaking the Silence, an organisation that collects testimonies from soldiers serving in Palestinian areas, uploaded new images including a group of soldiers posing next to a seriously wounded Palestinian lying on the floor and a picture of a soldier pointing a rifle at a prisoner stripped to his underwear, The organisation said it uploaded the images in an effort to counter the claims by Israeli military officials on Tuesday who condemned the pictures posted by the woman soldier, but claimed her actions were those of a lone soldier and did not represent the norm.

Another Israeli human rights group, Machsom Watch, which monitors the behavior of soldiers at West Bank checkpoints, linked the latest set of photographs to the immorality of 43 years of military occupation.

The fact that so many soldiers decide to upload photographs onto Facebook and similar sites has created a headache for the Israeli military censor.

Army bases have posters reading “Not everyone is your friend on Facebook”.

Earlier this year an operation in the West Bank was called off at the last minute when one of the soldiers revealed operational details on a social networking site.


6 comments on “Facebook page launched in support of Israeli soldier who posed with Palestinian detainees

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