8 Female Sexual Secrets

Every woman has her own sexual secrets.

1. Sexual secret: The fingers can be unpleasant sometimes

Many men think that the penetration with fingers is always as pleasant as penetration with the penis. But they are wrong. An aroused vagina is a very sensitive area which senses every unpleasant move, even a very little one like a fingernail or a knuckle. When you decide for oral stimulation it is best to do it very carefully. When you add fingers, first try with one finger and then gradually add another. Do not be aggressive but do it slowly and tenderly. If she wants you to go deeper and harder, she will show it to you. Before you start teasing her with your fingers, take care of your fingernails.

2. Sexual secret: She doesn’t like it if it lasts too long

An intercourse that lasts for too long is not tiring only for you but also for your partner. Therefore do not think that your partner always wants a long intercourse. An intercourse that is too long can often lead to faking an orgasm in order to end it. Women want a lover not a sex machine which turns the intercourse into a mechanical and boring routine. The amount of passion is more important to women that the duration of intercourse.

3. sexual secret: She wants it also during her period

Intercourse during period can be a little uncomfortable but the truth is that when a woman has her period she also feels a great need for sexual satisfaction. If you want to have intercourse or not is of course your decision and your partner cannot force you to. But believe it, she will be very grateful. If you decide to do it, make sure you don’t leave a mess on your sheets and do it slowly.

4. sexual secret: She wants to feel sexually desired

Despite the common opinion that women are less horny than men and that they feel less need for intercourse, the truth is completely different. A woman likes it if you show her that you want her and shower her with kisses. She also likes it when you embrace her so that she can feel your erection trough your pants. Therefore do not hide your desire and passion because it is the best way to show her how irresistibly attractive she is.

5. sexual secret: She likes it when you are loud

When a man clearly shows that he likes what his partner is doing it increases her arousal and boosts her confidence. You can do this with moaning, encouragement or compliments and do not keep the things that feel really good to you for yourself. Show her she is your queen. She will love it!

6. sexual secret: Treat her butt nicely during anal intercourse

If a woman agrees to anal intercourse you should show some respect. Only a few women actually enjoy it if a man treats her butt like they do it in porn films. Even though you might feel like a porn actor, you should still act like a loving partner and gently stroke her butt during anal intercourse, pamper and massage her.

7. sexual secret: She doesn’t always feel like performing fellatio

Different women feel differently about fellatio and they also don’t always feel like doing it. From time to time you should be happy with just a penis massage. Maybe she will even perform fellatio because she will know you want it badly. If she doesn’t do it for some time that does not mean she will never feel like performing it again.

8. sexual secret: She doesn’t always want cunnilingus

Besides all the other ways to arouse a woman, there are two main ways to stimulate her vagina: cunnilingus and penetration. Each technique arouses different senses. When she doesn’t feel like cunnilingus from one or the other reason, just move on to the next phase.


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