Mafia hit in Italy caught on tape

A still image taken from a video released by prosecutors in Naples shows the May 11, 2009 killing of Mariano Bacio Terrasino, 53, outside a bar in central Naples.

A security camera in Naples captured a member of the mafia  shooting another man outside a store.

When Tarracino falls on the ground, the killer finishes him off with a bullet to the head.

None of the bystanders moves a finger, although it is hard to say if that is from genuine indifference or fear of retaliation.

A woman is seen rubbing off her scratch-and-win lottery card as Tarracino is killed in front of her. A cigarette-seller moves his stall a few metres down the road, while a man holding a toddler in his arms looks at the victim and walks away.

After five months of investigations, prosecutors have yet to identify the killer, despite the fact that his face is clearly visible in the footage.

“We have decided to circulate the video as widely as possible, urging the cooperation of whoever can provide information to identify the killer and his lookout,” the Naples’ office for anti-mafia investigations said in a statement.

The video, top news on the websites of leading Italian media, prompted outrage from politicians. A member of the Green party in the Campania region around Naples offered 2,000 euros ($2,950) for information leading to the killer’s arrest.

Naples, Italy’s third biggest city, is home to the Camorra crime syndicate and its residents have become inured and all but resigned to the almost daily violence on its streets.






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